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who we are

Khidmat e Alam Welfare Trust (kawt) was established in 2005 under trust act by a set of people thrust to educate people as a catalyst through social change. Further, aiming to provide health care awareness to the communities who are less care about himself and their families. KAWT believes that the enjoyment of the appropriate attainable standard of health is the fundamental right of every human being without discrimination for which we are committed to follow as mission.

KAWT has evolved as one of the progressing non profit organisation (NPO) particularly in capital city of Sindh and Pakistan in general during two decades of our untiring services. KAWT endures to create feasible opportunities for people living below poverty level to realize their potential.

Our Vision & MIssion


Our vision is to build an exclusive society by pioneering a holisting model to address our community’s multifaceted development change and contribute to its collective expirations. Our core philosophy is the commitment to enhance the quality of life and vulnerable communities by empowering them.


Our mission is to provide hope and resources for those who are most neglected and disadvantage group .Be ensure excess of all people to the health care education, women empowerment and social protection they need.


Values & Goals


Our goal is to overall socio environment development of marginalized people specially children and women. Khidmat-e-Alam Trust is a non-profit organization catering its services for health education, women empowerment and sustainable livelihood opportunities for less privileged communities


Khidmat-e-Alam Trust encourages the values to be practiced both at individual and organizational level includes community involvement and participation, mutual respect, transparency and accountability, honesty and increasing coordination networking with other stakeholder.

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