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Message from the Chairman

 I feel its immense pleasure to introduce this organization, Khidmat-e- alam (KAWT) we are serving the community across Karachi for the last 18 years. This Non profitable organization, KAWT is dedicated enhance the quality of life of communities living in Karachi as well as in Pakistan We are exclusively working on three main areas that dedicating our resources towards health, education and women empowerment across Pakistan.

I deem it my moral obligation to express my gratitude to our past and board of trustees for their vision and dedication towards upliftment empowerment people of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities, they have generously given their time, energy, leadership, in kind and financial support to nourish the growth of our trust. On behalf of the KAWT, i thank all the well-wishers visiting our websites. Our plan is to keep you abreast of activities, programs and events, we host throughout the year 2022. I urge all philanthropists, social workers and stake holders to come forward and join hands towards building a better and respective life of the people below poverty level.

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