About Us


After creating the universe, ALLAH (SWT) Almighty imposed some principle and universal laws to enable events to take place based on a system and order. Human life is also based on some principles and if any human being ignores these principles the consequences would be harmful. One of the principles of humanity is to help needy people in society. Whatever the reason, the bitter truth is our society is victim of imbalanced social behavior. Few people spend Rs.5000 in entertainment but most people in our society have to manage their monthly expenses in the same amount. This is the main cause of increasing crime rate and suicides in our society. Alhamdulillah, efforts of concerned agencies in organising such efforts is implemented.Socially aware responsible individuals and intellectual have formed the Khidmat-e-Alam Trust (KAT) to meet the desperate needs of the poor in our society.May Allah accept the efforts of all in this organization and individuals Ameen.