Karachi—Provincial minister health Jam Mehtab Hussain Dahar has said that Sindh government has taken concrete steps to counter the on-going heat wave and the more to come in June as well. This he said while presiding over a meeting in Sindh secretariat here. All DHOs of Karachi, Medical Superintendents of public sector hospitals, Commissioner Karachi, KMC officers and others also attended the meeting.

The commissioner Karachi briefly briefed the health minister about the measures taken by the administration to save people from severe heat waves. Expressing his satisfaction on overall progress, the provincial minister health directed them to keep a vigilant eye on these measures and form monitoring and vigilance teams to make them effective round the clock so that no mishap might be taken place.

He also directed to establish tents at certain points in Karachi especially in Ramazan and availability of water and wet towels to be ensured there to soothe the heatstroke affected patients. Dahar also directed MSs to be ready for emergency situation and arrange extra beds, Wheel chairs, medical staff, medicines and water for heatstroke patients and erect shades on open place for patients. The medical superintendents informed the health minister that they had already taken such steps and would try to improve the facilities.

The minister health warned them that he would monitor all the on-going practice himself and pay surprise visits to check on-ground realities and if he found any negligence he would take strict action against them and one would be spared because it was the matter of the lives of human beings. In another meeting with Dr.Saeed Qureshi MS Trauma Centre Civil hospital, the health minister Jam Mehtab Hussain Dahar directed him to make the trauma centre functional in couple of weeks because it must be functional soon to benefit the people. The MS Dr Saeed Qureshi and PD Hayat kamal assured the health minister that the trauma centre would be functional in given time.—INP


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