Helping animals beat the heat during heatwaves

KARACHI: Safari Park administration have brought a major change in their water supply after they laid a canal water system that now supplies water to almost every cage of the zoo, in order to help the animals stay cool during intense heatwaves.

Speaking about the new water supplying system, the park’s additional director Dr Kazim Hussain said that they acquired this system in the beginning of April and before that the supply was dependent on water bowsers. He said that water is supplied to these lines from the main water reservoir of the park that was built during the early days of Safari Park. Hussain added that the new system will also help the administration in cultivating the barren land of the park.

Pakistan sizzles in hottest week of year

Referring to the specific diet of animals and birds during summers, Hussain said that they increase the amount of glucose, minerals and vitamins as the temperature rises. He added that it is fine if the temperature rises to 44 degree Celsius for a day, but if the temperature remains high consecutively for three to four days, then this causes casualties.


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